The Morane-Saulnier type G is a plane designed in 1912 by Raymond Saulnier and the Morane brothers. These pioneers contributed to the development of French and global aviation. Their planes were instruments for many exploits at the time. They were also provided to the armed forces as a fighter during the first and second world wars.

On board the Morane-Saulnier type G, Roland Garros broke many records. On 23 September 1913, he made the first crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.

In summary:


  • Race airplane and held performance records in the years 1913-1914
  • Construction in wood and canvas for the fuselage and the wings, fully covered
  • The aircraft is said to be ‘fully warping’, all of the wing twists to obtain the roll control
  • No brakes
  • Start by hand

The project Morane-Saulnier by Réplic’Air

Originally, with a common desire: to rebuild and to fly again an airplane from 100 years ago.
The Morane G, is the plane that Roland Garros flew across the Mediterranean Sea for the first time on 23 September 1913. This aircraft was selected by the team as the first project and to re-perform the crossing in 2013. This was a crazy challenge because even at the time, Roland Garros had feared that he may fail to make the crossing because of reported technical problems a few minutes after the start of the flight. In 2011, other difficulties were waiting for us: there were very few archives of the original plans, forgotten technologies, no budget and little time to contribute as each participant was already committed at their normal place of work.

The Réplic’Air association therefore rebuilt this legendary aircraft on the basis of archives and modern technologies. After a flight test campaign, the aircraft is ready for another adventure. September 22, 2013, it takes off from Fréjus and lands in Tunisia in a little less than 8 hours.

Today, The Morane stopped flying temporarily to allow members to focus on the new project. The airplane is exhibited at the Aeroscopia Museum in Blagnac and creates around it new passions and an attraction for old but also new aeronautics.

In figures:


Réplic’Air (France)

Historical constructor

Morane-Saulnier (France)


1 pilot and 1 passenger

First flight

August 10, 2013 at Auch with Christophe Marchand

Mediterranean sea crossing

September 23, 2013 with Baptiste Salis in a flight time of 7h 44mins

Empty weight

320 kg

Maximum weight

580 kg


Rotec 7-cylinder star 110 ch – displacement 2.8 litres

Original engines

Rotating 7-cylinders star engines: Rhône 60 ch / Gnome 80 ch

Fuel tanks

85 l (front) + 120 l (rear) or 65 l in tandem mode

Fuel consumption

18 l/h

Maximum speed

160 km/h

Cruising speed

100 km/h


1,100 km

Maximum altitude

3,800 meters / 12,500 feet